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Professional Freight Unloading Services in Delaware

Reputation is everything. Especially in competitive industries like yours. When you’ve earned your customers’ trust and loyalty to your brand, nothing should stand in the way of maintaining and growing your business by providing reliable service. That means every aspect of your supply chain, especially your partners, must not be the weakest link. Why trust your hard-earned reputation to a team that has no long-term commitment to protecting your brand’s good name? Instead, rely on the professionals at Express Freight for trusted freight unloading services in Delaware.

When your reputation is on the line day after day, depend on Express Freight to provide professional lumper services in Delaware.  Express Freight has already earned the trust of businesses like yours in over 38 states. As your supply chain partner in the wholesale food industry, we bring years of experience in unloading and related services so you can be assured that this vital warehouse operation function is handled quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

For example, care and speed are key to ensuring the safe handling of perishables. Express Freight has our clients’ backs by assembling a team they can rely on to unload all their inbound freight, canned and packaged goods as well as produce and meats, job after job. In addition to our unloading associates, a site manager and supervisors oversee the unloading, sorting, and segregating, recording all load data and ensuring quality control.

You can trust your inbound receiving operations to our team. On average we unload over a million trailers and containers every year. You’ll also appreciate the advantages in working with our OSHA-trained and certified team for lumper services in Delaware. We know the rules and regulations and work efficiently to get the job done right the first time so you’ll appreciate the cost savings. Express Freight provides the following services:

  • Freight Running: Safe and expedient freight handling
  • Long or Short Term Order Selections
  • Outbound Container Loading/Over the Road Shipments
  • Short Term/General Warehouse Services

You know that successful receiving operations rely on freight unloaders who can be quick, work safely, are accurate, and trustworthy. Express Freight Handlers has earned our valued industry reputation and will provide reliable and professional lumper services at your Delaware warehouse operation. Our team includes the best and most qualified local workers, offers additional related services that are needed, and does whatever it takes to make sure every job is handled efficiently. We never forget that trust is built one job at a time and that the only job that matters is yours. Let’s start the convo that leads to a mutually-beneficial partnership. The team at Express Freight looks forward to hearing from you at (516) 671-0415 or if you have questions please submit our form