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Partner with Express Freight Handlers for Your Freight Unloading Services

With the right lumper services partner, your supply-side costs can be contained, controlled, and even reduced. ‘Got your attention? That’s because Express Freight Handlers has decades of experience from which we can offer your business our efficient unloading services. We currently provide professional freight unloading services and lumper services in 38 states and earned our stellar reputation for efficiency and cost containment one client at a time.

Our services include:

Onsite Management of our Personnel:

Not only do we employ the best local staff; these workers are also OSHA-trained and certified to provide the highest degree of professionalism in the industry. Additionally, we oversee our staff on each and every job to maintain our standards of quality and performance. Should any issues arise, they are swiftly addressed by our seasoned management team.

Freight Running:

Our expertise and attention to detail facilitates safe and expeditious freight handling.

Order Selections:

We can offer assistance with selecting on a long- or short-term basis if the need should arise.

Outbound Loading:

Our personnel has assisted with outbound container loading as well as over the road shipments.

General Warehouse Services:

Short term projects and general assistance can be offered, and our team can be utilized as a secondary workforce as needed.

Our team unloads over a million containers and trailers each and every year. We offer a synchronized system that works. Partner with Express Freight to appreciate the difference that our scope of services and uncompromising professional standards can bring to your inbound receiving operations. Call us today at (516) 671-0415 or submit our form to schedule an appointment.