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Warehouse Services

With the ebb and flow as well as the volume of warehouse and freight orders, many warehouse managers have a difficult time ensuring full staff coverage. We live in a time when we must ‘expect the unexpected’. However, in most supply chains, it is counterproductive and needlessly expensive to hire, train, and retain more staffers than needed. Seasonal employment is one solution, however it is not the best one. Hiring unskilled laborers by the day when an unexpectedly large shipment is due or when a considerable amount of inventory must be pulled and loaded is also not the best answer. Instead, turn to Express Freight Handlers. In addition to our lumpers, who skillfully load and unload trailers and containers as needed, our team may also be deployed, often on a moment’s notice, to provide professional warehouse services as well.

If you’ve partnered with Express Freight Handlers before, you know our lumpers are highly experienced, safety-conscious, and skilled at keeping on schedule. Remember, every team is overseen by a supervisor, who will interact with logistics and warehouse personnel while the team performs loading or unloading without interruption.

Additionally, we produce customized reports, and in the event damage or asset losses due to load shift in transit are discovered, these too, can be documented for claim submission. In addition to freight running, our warehouse services also include order selection. Our teams can assist with your selection requirements as needed on either a long — or short-term basis.

Outbound unloading is another specialty for which Express Freight Handlers’ teams are well-known. We can perform any outbound container unloading task as well as those for over-the-road shipments via any transportation carrier. As for general warehouse services, there is no reason to displace your full-time staffers from their appointed duties just to fulfill an unexpectedly large order. Chances are highly likely that, due to their inexperience, you’ll run a greater risk of these individuals injuring themselves on the job, damaging the goods, selecting and unloading the wrong goods, as well as taking a far longer time to perform these tasks. In the end, you’ll end up losing money due to lower productivity (Who is doing their job when they are providing warehouse services?)

Instead, the right choice is to contact Express Freight Handlers to assist whenever you need us. We’re in demand in over 38 states unloading over a million, yes, a million, containers, and trailers annually. Learn more about how our teams can help reduce your operations costs by contacting Express Freight Handlers today!