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Freight Unloading Services in Michigan

Michigan is among the nation’s top agricultural product suppliers with an estimated $4 billion in food crop exports alone every year. In fact, Michigan exports about a third of the crops grown in America including feed grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy products. The state’s wholesale food industry reports that Michigan’s largest agricultural crops and food products include blueberries, apples, and cherries, but also include eggs, maple syrup, honey, and Christmas trees. Michigan’s wholesale and food processing industries rely on carriers to ensure these goods come to market quickly and efficiently. That’s where Express Freight’s professional lumper services team in Michigan can make the crucial difference in supply chain efficiency and net profit and loss.

For decades carriers have relied on Express Freight to unload their trailers in the fastest, most competent, and most expedient manner possible. Our techniques and procedures are proven, employing technology to keep us on track, and accountable for each and every job. The professionals at Express Freight are OSHA-trained and certified. Moreover, our unloaders are supervised to ensure quality control and our high standards are met. Should an issue occur, Express Freight’s management team can swiftly remediate to remain on schedule. Our long-time clients rely on our team to make certain there are no slip-ups in this critical step in the supply chain. In short: they’ve got us, and we’ve ‘got this’. Call Express Freight regarding:

  • Safe and expedient Freight Handling
  • Long/Short Term Order Selection Requirements
  • In/Outbound Container Loading/Over the Road Shipments
  • Short Term/General Warehouse Services

Carriers expect speed, accuracy, and safety from their freight unloaders. Contact our reliable and trustworthy team to provide reliable and professional lumper services at your Michigan warehouse operation. Our workers are local and OSHA-qualified. We include value-added services without additional charge and will make certain that your receiving operations are handled efficiently. Call to opt-in on a rewarding partnership for your business and ours. We look forward to hearing from you at (516) 671-0415 or if you have questions about freight unloading services in Michigan, please submit our form.