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Freight Unloading Services in New Jersey

“Jersey Grown” is a popular state slogan; after all, New Jersey is not known as the ‘Garden State’ for nothing! One of its largest revenue-producing industries, the state’s wholesale food industry When looking for quality freight unloading services in New Jersey, it is highly cost-effective to outsource unloading trucks at a wholesale food warehouse or food distribution center to the professionals at Express Freight. We handle over a million trailers and containers every year and have the experience and expertise to perform quick, efficient, and safe lumper services.

Our clients depend on Express Freight Handling to be both reliable and dependable, job after job. The Express Freight staff includes local people who have been OSHA-trained and certified. Each team includes a supervisor to maintain quality control and our proprietary, systematic unloading services ensure every job is handled as timely, complete, and as safely as possible. In addition, our team is highly accountable: we capture all load data, including pallets, quantity, and unload times. If requested we can provide customizable reports, too. Our accuracy, expertise, and attention to detail result in lower operating costs and greater efficiency for this critical component of your supply chain.

At Express Freight Handlers, we know that reducing the cost of doing business without sacrificing safety is very important. With decades of experience in providing superior unloading services, Express Freight’s dedication to our core business- freight unloading services, our seasoned team, and high-performance standards can contribute to controlling, even reducing your overall receiving operation costs.

Lumper Services You Can Trust

Put your trust and your inbound receiving operations in Express Freight’s team. We know the rules and regulations and work efficiently to get the job done right the first time which directly translates to cost savings for you. Our experience speaks for itself: on average we unload over a million trailers and containers every year. You’ll also appreciate the advantages of working with our OSHA-trained and certified team to provide your business with reliable lumper services in New Jersey.

We invite you to contact Express Freight about the following services:

  • Freight Running: Safe and expedient freight handling
  • Long or Short Term Order Selections
  • Outbound Container Loading/Over the Road Shipments
  • Short Term/General Warehouse Services

Freight unloaders who can be quick, work safely, are accurate, and trustworthy are the backbone of successful receiving operations. Over three decades, Express Freight Handlers has earned our valued industry reputation and will provide reliable and professional lumper services in New Jersey and across the nation. Speak with us about taking the reins and responsibility for your freight unloading services in New Jersey. The team at Express Freight looks forward to hearing from you at (516) 671-0415 or if you have questions please submit our form