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Freight Unloading Services in New York

New York is a mecca for food. Literally billions of pounds of fresh and processed food products are received and distributed throughout New York State every year. And prompt food processing, shipping, and distribution is key to maintaining its freshness and value. Groceries and food services of every size rely on their distribution chains to ensure both fresh and processed food products arrive in optimal condition, ready for resale. Food carriers know that freight unloading is a vital step in this process requiring speed and accuracy for maximum effectiveness. That’s why many partner with Express Freight’s lumper services in New York. Working with our dedicated, reliable company removes one risk factor from the overall supply chain equation. Here’s why.

Express Freight unloads trucks and trailers using only the most streamlined and expedient procedures possible. Our processes are proven and rely on experienced manpower and technology so that our team is fully accountable for each and every job. OSHA-trained and certified, Express Freight’s professional unloaders are supervised to ensure quality control and that our Company’s high standards are met. This way, if an issue occurs, Express Freight’s management team can swiftly resolve it and remain on schedule.

When Time, Safety, and Compliance Matter

Every one of our clients relies on us to make every one of their jobs the only one that matters. When there is no time to second guess, make the decision to call Express Freight. We provide the following services in 38 states including New York:

  • Safe and expedient Freight Handling
  • Long/Short Term Order Selection Requirements
  • In/Outbound Container Loading/Over the Road Shipments
  • Short Term/General Warehouse Services

Carriers expect speed, accuracy, and safety from their freight unloaders. Contact our reliable and trustworthy team to provide reliable and professional lumper services at your New York State warehouse operation. Remember, our workers are local and OSHA-qualified. Additional value-added services are performed without additional charge to make sure that your receiving operations are handled efficiently. Call to partner with Express Freight to take the worry out of lumper services in New York. We look forward to hearing from you at (516) 671-0415. For more information about our freight unloading services in New York, please submit our form.