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On-Site Personnel Management

When transportation carriers, as well as logistics and warehouse professionals, research potential third party vendors to perform freight handling, they are primarily looking for skilled, experienced individuals who can carry out the appointed tasks on schedule. Those who take a deeper look into the processes of the companies on their short list will soon discover that one firm takes each client’s specific needs very seriously — Express Freight Handlers. We offer more complete services with greater attention to detail than many other firms in our industry. Our lumpers are not deployed to perform the task and leave when it is completed. Unlike other companies, we perform each task in teams of three — two lumpers and a supervisor. Throughout the entire process, our seasoned staffers have an overseers as part of Express Freight’s onsite personnel management initiative.

The role of the lumpers is widely understood. These individuals are experienced in the correct unloading techniques and by using the right equipment to ensure that there will be little likelihood of load shift in transit. As for unloading freight, this process may uncover damaged or destroyed freight due to improper loading techniques performed earlier in the supply chain. In both instances, to remain as close to the scheduled timeframe as possible, our team supervisor oversees every aspect of the unloading task as part of Express Freight’s personnel management directives.

Should damaged cargo be discovered, the supervisor assists in documenting damages and asset losses to prepare a report for the carrier to submit as part of their insurance claim.

Our teams are OSHA-trained and certified in the latest safety techniques to ensure that their actions do not impact their safety or that of those in the warehouse. Additionally, upon request, our supervisor will prepare and present a real-time, customized report of the task performed including specific information and details required by each and every client. It is not only Express Freight Handlers’ attention to detail that has made our teams successful in over 38 states. Every year we build our clients’ trust by unloading over a million containers and trailers as well.

Learn more about how our commitment to our clients can support your supply chain initiatives by contacting Express Freight Handlers today!