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Order Selections

As one of the principal stages in every supply chain, after a shipping office receives sales, purchases, or any other goods or product orders that need to be moved from one location to another, a freight order is created. This order is a plan for the most effective and efficient transport of any cargo. For outgoing warehouse orders, for example, the correct goods must be located and brought to the loading dock to be loaded onto either a container for rail transport or a truck trailer. Speed, safety, and accuracy are major considerations in every supply chain as is cost containment. There are many stages in the process where it can go off the rails and impact overhead. Some logistics managers and warehouse overseers, as well as transportation carriers, erroneously believe that they already have the personnel on staff who can be mustered at short notice to fulfill order selections for warehouse orders. That could not be more wrong.

Time is of the essence, and any mistakes or delays in the seemingly simple process of fulfilling a freight order mean that logistics operational costs will take a hit. To avoid negative impacts on your bottom line, Express Freight Handlers advises that you partner with us. The benefits include our highly experienced, OSHA-trained, and certified teams who not only get your freight orders pulled and loaded correctly, but safely and quickly as well.

There are plenty of tasks for unskilled day laborers, but these workers do not belong in a warehouse selecting and moving goods manually. That is an open invitation for a liability claim, as well as creating a far greater potential for mistakes (wrong goods selected and shipped) and asset losses.

Instead, speak with Express Freight Handlers to discuss your warehouse orders and freight order requirements. Our teams are deployed as needed to over 38 states nationwide, and successfully fulfill warehouse and freight orders by loading and unloading over a million containers and trainers every year.

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