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The Benefits of Lumper Services

Benefits of Lumper Services

How can utilizing a lumper service benefit your business?

Globalized distribution competition has forced many companies to reevaluate their handling of supply chain costs with regard to both inbound and outbound freight.  Enhancing the efficiencies in freight transportation can ultimately create a competitive edge for those distributors that prioritize the highly efficient transport of goods at every point along the supply chain.  More and more companies are looking at contracting “lumpers” as part of this solution.  Lumping is generally defined as the utilization of a 3rd party company in the loading and unloading of a product by personnel not affiliated with either the freight carriers or employees of the company itself.

Lumper services have become an integral part of freight distribution across the globe. As time has progressed, these partners have proven invaluable in improving distribution speed, controlling the quality of products as they are delivered (damage), and as a cost-saving measure.

How exactly do the lumper services improve the freight handling element of the supply chain? The benefits are numerous for each participant in the product transport.  For the carriers, lumper services reduce employee fatigue thereby reducing accidents and health implications for the drivers.  They also benefit from increased rest time and faster turn-around to more easily achieve delivery time quotas.  The shipper benefits by reduced loading and unloading time and provides a value add for the recipients.  The receiver has a huge benefit in improved performance (speed) of unloading particularly during peak traffic loads.

Lumpers have become an integral part of the supply chain landscape and more and more companies are finding them an invaluable asset in freight handling.  Improved safety, faster turn around, and lower costs are but a few of the benefits of finding and utilizing a quality 3rd party lumper partner.