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Improving the Efficiency of Freight Unloading Services for Refrigerated Foods

Freight Unloading Services for Refrigerated Foods

Often, the most overlooked segment of the supply chain can be the most critical to the success of the delivery process. That is the case for freight unloading services for wholesale foods. It is imperative that perishables be sent, unloaded, and arrive as expediently as possible in order to maintain freshness and remain saleable goods. For refrigerated goods, the use of a professional lumper freight unloading service can make this key element of the supply chain seamless. Taking its name for the sacks of bulk items that once comprised the items unloaded, this once menial task has become increasingly important to effective supply chains.

Today’s freight unloading services should be OSHA-trained and certified organizations, which heavily rely on technology to improve workflow, efficiency, and accountability. This sophisticated level of professionalism can make the loading and unloading of goods an asset rather than a pain point in the delivery process. Freight unloading services are quickly becoming a proven solution to the supply chain problem- ensuring that product and particularly refrigerated loads are swiftly and safely transferred from trucks, processed, and moved along the distribution chain.

Motor carriers hauling perishables and grocers insist on quick freight unloading service so that scheduling goals can be achieved. The primary concern on a grocer’s agendas is ensuring the freshest foods are available for their customers. Both the motor carrier and the grocers require assurances that their refrigerated goods will be unloaded, accounted for, and transferred with speed and accuracy to reduce any wasted time preserving the quality of perishable products.

Professional third-party freight unloading services for wholesale foods eliminate the peril of what could be the weakest link in the logistical chain. Today, professional lumpers provide the inbound freight unloading services for refrigerated goods and protect the quality of the perishables, saving time, and thereby offering a net benefit to all supply chain parties.

Express Freight Handlers is a well-regarded freight handling firm located on Long Island, New York. The company provides supervised, OSHA-certified professional freight handling services nationwide in over 38 states. As part of their inbound logistics services, Express Freight unloads over a million trucks and containers for the wholesale food industry annually. To learn more call their offices at (516) 671-0415.