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Freight Unloading Services in California

Looking for freight unloading services in California? When making your choice, consider your bottom line. With decades of experience and efficient, certified, regulation-compliant staff, Express Freight’s team will ensure effective freight unloading to contain, control, and possibly even reduce your supply-side costs.

That statement should have gotten your attention, however, that is not the only factor that sets Express Freight apart. To provide the highest degree of professionalism, our staff is local, OSHA-trained/certified and we provide onsite personnel management. This step not only maintains our standards of performance and quality but should an issue arise, our management team will promptly take steps to remediate, saving your business both time and money.

Lumper Services in California From a Company You Can Trust

Responsible distribution center or warehouse management includes hiring a cost-effective lumper services vendor who knows your region, considers your needs, your timeline, and keeps your business top of mind. Express Freight excels in providing logistic services tailored for individual operating environments by considering our clients’ expectations, as well as their procedures, and operations.

In any year our team will unload over a million containers and trailers across 38 states, including lumper services in California. From our core business to our broader scope of services, we bring our proprietary professionalism to each and every job we perform. Partner with Express Freight to appreciate the difference that our uncompromising professional standards can bring to your inbound receiving operations. Call us today at (516) 671-0415 or submit our form to schedule an appointment.