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Freight Unloading Services in Minnesota

For the wholesale food industry, supply-side cost containment does not begin with the carrier and end at the warehouse. Unloading is a critical step in this process, made more critical when the loads are comprised of perishable goods. Lumper services in Minnesota require a total understanding of the need for speed within mandated regulations and full accountability for every load. This critical component of the supply chain is where the professionals at Express Freight excel.

We unload freight in over 38 states with regard to local and national regulations, and with our client’s bottom line in mind. By providing professional and efficient freight unloading services in Minnesota Express Freight helps our clients maintain and grow their net profit. It is not a task left to unskilled labor. Instead, every job is handled by qualified staff who are supervised by a highly-experienced management team. Key metrics are recorded and reports available to meet individual client requirements and to ensure successful supply chain replenishment.

Express Freight provides the following services:

  • Freight Running: Fast, efficient, and safe freight handling
  • Order Selections- Both Long or Short Term
  • Outbound Container Loading/Over the Road Shipments
  • General Warehouse Services for the Short Term

Express Freight Handlers has earned our valued industry reputation and will provide reliable and professional lumper services in Minnesota at your warehouse operation. Successful receiving operations rely on freight unloaders who can be quick, work safely, are accurate, and trustworthy. That’s why our team includes the best and most qualified local workers, offers additional needed services, and ensures that every job is handled efficiently. We never forget that trust is built one job at a time and that the only job that matters is yours. Let’s start the convo that leads to a mutually-beneficial partnership. The team at Express Freight looks forward to hearing from you at (516) 671-0415. For more information or if you have questions, please submit our form.