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How to Find a Lumper Service Near You

How to Find a Lumper Service Near You

The recent pandemic revealed two major reasons why operations and logistics managers should hire lumper services for loading and unloading freight. That was the time when even products most consumers considered necessary, such as paper goods, were in extremely short supply. When a shipment of these precious commodities reached the loading dock, it was essential that the products were unloaded as quickly and capably as possible to facilitate these items reaching retailers’ shelves, and consumers’ shopping carts on schedule. Another supply chain pivot was prompted by consumers who shifted their buying habits from in-store to online. The convenience of purchasing goods and bringing them home immediately gave rise to the one- and two- day online shopping delivery schedules. To stay on track, this is no time to be hiring temporary staffers from an agency. They are ill-suited to the task of unloading freight, and will likely cause more harm than good -both to the goods and to themselves. And you may forgo Googling “lumper service near me” as well. Just put Express Freight Handlers’ number in your cell phone contacts list. We’re the best option for many reasons!

We know that loading and unloading freight from containers and trailers is not a daily task. However, it is just as pointless to divert your existing staffers from either warehouse or office work to perform this job. They are not OSHA-trained and certified, as are Express Freight’s staff. Nor are they experienced in correctly using all the tools and equipment that loading and unloading requires – from tie-down strapping to forklifts, ramps, and pallets to hand trucks. There is also the issue that arises when workers are not performing their main roles. Productivity suffers, and a decrease in productivity means lost ROI and higher operations costs. We have not yet factored in the liability aspect. Injury to themselves, as well as other workers, is far more likely when staffers are not trained in the latest safety skills.

If you are considering hiring that “lumper service near me” make that company Express Freight Handlers. We serve companies in over 38 states and load and unload over a million – yes, a million trailers and containers, each and every year. We are known for our dependability as well as our performance. Your Express Freight team arrives on time, performs the required task, and once that is approved, we depart. Another consideration is that our teams carry our own liability insurance, and we are responsible for their benefits, not your firm. Ours is a very cost-effective service that may even qualify as a tax deduction – consult your Accounting firm for details. When you hire our team, Express Freight deploys a seasoned trio consisting of two lumpers and their supervisor. If damages are discovered, we can document these, shore up the remaining pallets or stacks, and provide a report for your insurance carrier. We also create detailed customized reports upon request.

Save time, save money, and save yourself from having to search online for a “lumper service near me”. Partner with Express Freight Handlers to establish a solid business relationship with a firm you’ll be able to depend on completely to get the job done right and right on schedule. Learn more by contacting our team today!