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How to Find Lumpers Near Me

Lumpers Near Me

Since the Spring of 2020 the global supply chain has been under siege. Shortages of materials and manufactured goods put increased pressure on logistics professionals to ensure that freight travels quickly and safely from its point of origin to its destination. Currently, there are shortages of personnel to move these goods proficiently and professionally with a minimum of damage and personal injury. Many operations professionals now turn to the Internet and search for “lumpers near me”, seeking a solution. We have a better idea. Just search for “Express Freight Handlers” or visit

The “where” is simple. We offer professional unloading services nationwide in over 38 states. Since our inception, our goal has been to keep your operations costs down, and your return on investment up by maintaining efficiencies that create a quick and effective link in your supply chain. How do we do it? To begin with, our teams are highly trained, OSHA-certified, and covered by workers comp and our general liability insurance. This means we can reduce or eliminate the possibility of personal injury while on the job -and risk to you and your business. Additionally, we coordinate each job from beginning to end to optimize efficiency while minimizing the margin for any error.

The result: the highest level of productivity and cost savings. A reduced bottom line means greater profitability.

So if you live in one of the nearly forty states we service, there’s no need to search for “lumpers near me”. Instead, ask around. You’ll learn that we unload over a million trailers and containers every year. In short, we’re the professional lumper service that you can depend on job after job and year after year. Submit an inquiry via our online form to learn more.