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What Are Key Considerations When Unloading International Containers?

Unloading International Containers

In the logistics management and shipping industries, insurance claims for international cargo losses are contentious. There are liability limits, therefore not every insurance claim is approved. Denied claims for damages and losses can swiftly impact a company’s bottom line. Did you know? To recoup net revenue lost in a denied $1,000 cargo claim, a firm operating at a 5% profit margin will have to generate an additional $20,000 in sales!1 That is the strongest argument for exercising caution when unloading international containers, and underscores the importance of hiring the right lumper services company.

As material handling professionals, the team at Express Freight are seasoned experts in unloading international containers. In every distribution chain, keeping operational costs down is most important. Labor and time are the next two greatest challenges faced when trying to hold the line on operating expenses. Here are some of the ways Express Freight assists our clients to ensure that their loads are dispatched in a timely manner, and without risk to personnel or potential damage to the goods.

  • On every job, we work in teams under the close supervision of a job manager. Express Freight’s staff uses efficient techniques, procedures, and technology to ensure unloading international containers is run as smoothly as possible, even within tight timelines.
  • Accurate records keeping to each client’s unique specifications. In the event our team discovers damages/losses, these precise records are integral to filing an insurance claim.
  • As required, our lumper crews will sort, palletize, and even shrink wrap our client’s goods in uniform block patterns. This enables future distribution via forklift and prevents damaged goods while in storage.

Turn to Express Freight Handlers for all your unloading needs. Our warehouse staff are OSHA-certified, and we are Department of Labor-compliant in our hiring practices. Our seasoned teams are highly experienced both in the field and working with each other. What this means to our clients is that we work seamlessly and with an unparalleled synchronicity on every job. We have the task of unloading international containers down to a science and are fully accountable for our work. We can provide customized reports upon request. That sounds like a good proposition to you, right? For the peace of mind that working with solid pros can provide, email Express Freight Handlers today.