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Lumper Services for All Types of Industries

Let’s begin by defining the logistics industry term for those who load and unload containers and trailers: lumpers. Lumpers work at warehouses, generally at the loading dock when a truck trailer or cargo container arrives. These professionals are hired by the job and provide the labor and experience necessary to move large amounts of freight every day. As stated, lumpers are generally supplied by third party vendors and hired by warehouse operators, logistics managers, supply chain overseers, transportation carriers and more. The goal in hiring lumper services is to facilitate the supply chain schedule as quickly and safely as possible.

The chief industries that hire lumpers are the food and grocery industries at distribution warehouses nationwide. Unloading perishable and/or frozen food requires specialized handling techniques. The freight loading and unloading that is offered by Express Freight Handlers, a leading lumper services firm, is performed by seasoned teams, specifically trained to accomplish this task quickly, accurately, and safely and are supported by a supervisor. Lumpers are in demand across a broad range of industries, but chiefly by any company that seeks to move goods and cargo safely to keep that freight moving smoothly and on off trailers and containers load after load.

A major concern by those who hire lumper services is the need to reduce overhead costs for warehouse operations and logistics managers, food and beverage industry companies, as well as transportation carriers who want their drivers to drive and not unload at the destination. Shippers and receivers value lumper services because they do not have to divert full-time staffers from their daily tasks to perform the job of loading and/or unloading freight. It impacts productivity, so their operations costs take a hit, also it greatly increases the potential for worker injury and damaged cargo. In addition, inexperienced workers will take a far longer time to perform these tasks.

Another benefit by working with third party professionals, such as Express Freight Handlers, is the fact that you are not absorbing the additional cost of providing benefits to full-time workers who will not be required to perform lumping duties on a daily basis. This is another value-add and major cost savings. When you partner with Express Freight Handlers, you will immediately appreciate the savings that come from our firm’s many years of experience and the over a million trailers and containers that our teams successfully load and unload every year in 38 states.

Additionally, our teams are OSHA-trained and certified in the latest safety techniques. Whatever your industry, your supply chain can benefit from the efficiencies that working with Express Freight’s lumper services can offer. Speak with us today to learn more.