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Lumper Services for Grocery Distributors

Lumper Services for Grocery Distributors

Getting freight unloaded in a timely manner can be a pain point for many distributors and especially the wholesale food industry. Problems with this step in the supply chain can cost time and money for both the shipping service and the distributor. This is where lumper services can help. This service is when a third-party independent from the shipper or receiver is hired to unload trucks and freight.

If you are delivering a load to a food or grocery warehouse, there is a high probability that you will need to use a lumping service to unload the freight. While there are other industries that use this service, they are usually associated with food warehousing companies and distribution centers. The need for lumper services when it comes to the food industry is even more important because of the requirements to operate heavy equipment in a safe manner.

Maintaining safety and the guidelines set up for food transport is a crucial step in the distribution process. Hiring a well-trained freight handling lumper service that specializes in grocery and food distribution can be an effective way to alleviate any problems that may arise.

Express Freight is a leader in lumper services for the food distribution industry. Our OSHA-certified professionals handle freight nationwide in over 38 states and unloads over a million trucks and containers annually.