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Reducing Warehouse Costs by Using Lumper Service Companies

lumper service companies

Shippers, transportation carriers, and warehouse managers often hire lumper service companies to perform the loading and unloading of trucks, trailers, and containers. They realize that these parties are not just hired muscle to ‘schlep’ goods from the loading dock to the warehouse floor. Freight loaders and unloaders understand all the important aspects of this task, from inspecting the cargo to ensure it has arrived safely and what to do if it has not. Additionally, they will assess the type of freight, how it has been loaded, and the best tools and procedures to employ to make certain the task is carried out swiftly and safely.

There are several ways in which hiring a third party vendor is not only a good practice, it assists to reduce overall warehouse costs. Lumper service companies are most often hired by grocery chains or by food grade warehouses. Produce and other refrigerated goods are highly perishable. It is essential, to maintain their quality and therefore saleability, that these goods be removed as carefully yet swiftly as possible from the refrigerated container, trailer, or truck, and handed off to warehouse staffers to be conveyed to storage units. In the event that damages or asset losses are discovered, lumpers can assess the situation, isolate and document losses for an insurance claim, and continue with the unloading of saleable goods to minimize the impact on both the schedule and overhead.

It has been proven over time that it is not cost-effective to hire unskilled day labor or to divert existing staff from their routine tasks. These workers lack the skills to move freight efficiently, and without causing harm to themselves or others. Nor do they have the tools and equipment necessary to perform the task. The result all too often is a liability, the increased likelihood of freight damage, an extended timeline, and hours of productivity lost. Instead, by partnering with a leading firm among lumper service companies, Express Freight Handlers, Inc., carriers and logistics managers benefit as follows:

  • Drivers have time to recuperate after delivery, thereby reducing the risk of a road accident due to driver fatigue.
  • Industry experts estimate that lumpers perform loading and unloading about 75% faster than trained warehouse staffers, who are also responsible for numerous other warehouse tasks. This enables them to focus on these other jobs and increases supply chain efficiency.
  • Express Freight Handlers’ teams are OSHA-trained and certified to ensure the safety of the operation, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury and liability claims. Also as independent contractors, lumper service companies have their own liability insurance, not the transportation carrier or logistics companies.
  • As specialized cargo handlers, lumpers can capably handle any and every type of freight. They understand the receiver’s needs, such as how different goods need to be arranged in a warehouse facility for easy retrieval, and will stack these accordingly.
  • Lumpers are available as needed, especially during peak period unloading demands. Delivering goods on a tight schedule does not pose any difficulty for seasoned lumpers. This reduces lead times and improves overall customer/receiver satisfaction.
  • Third party vendors such as lumpers not only provide a practical solution but are highly cost-effective as their services can often be ‘written off’ as a tax deduction.

For safety, as an economical resource, as well as an efficient time-saving link in your supply chain, lumper service companies, such as Express Freight offers the best solution. Learn more about how partnering with our team to perform your loading and unloading tasks is not just a good idea, it’s a sound business practice! Contact us today!