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Can I Save Money Using a Lumper Service Near Me?

Lumper Services Near Me

When seeking a supply chain partner to ensure your goods are unloaded, inventoried, and warehoused effectively, you might be asking yourself, “Is it wise to consider using a lumper service near me?” The answer: that depends on what you’re looking for in a lumper company. If your job calls for a team that is compatible and experienced, capable of using heavy equipment, such as a pallet jack, safely, can remove goods and products from trucks or containers efficiently, can be deployed at a moment’s notice, will coordinate with received to ensure seamless inbound product flow, will be glad to assist your receiving department as needed, hand-stacks floor loads, shrink-wraps pallets, in short is a model of efficiency to minimize damaged goods, yet meet tight deadlines. If this is what you have in mind, you are closer to the complete answer.

In over 38 states, the complete answer to the question, “Should my company be using a lumper service near me?” is “Yes, but only if that company is Express Freight Handlers. We are your local lumper service provider across the country. Why us? We not only unload over a million containers and trucks every year, but also are fully accountable for the services we provide. At Express Freight, we take great pride in our reputation for complete reliability and dependability. We arrive on time, assess the job at hand, and through years of experience, tackle each and every assignment with attention to detail. We know that the only job that matters is yours. Every team on every job is supervised from start to finish. We not only submit all paperwork as required, you can also expect a full customized report of all of our activities which addresses your job’s specific requirements. We’ve answered all your questions, and by now you know your search is over. The next step is to email us. Let’s talk numbers. Fill out our form, and you’ll soon see how much cost savings you can realize by working with Express Freight Handlers.