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Should My Business Use Freight Unloading Services in the Winter?

By December 17th, 2021No Comments
Freight Unloading Services during Winter

Holding the line on operating costs is a primary concern for every business. That is especially true for the transport of perishables as in any season or climate, the options for temperature variances and loss are greater. Winter’s frigid temperatures cause some business owners to question if using professional freight unloading services is a necessary expense. It is, and here’s why:

The goal for any supply chain is a seamless transition of products and goods from the processing or manufacturing plant to the grocer’s shelves and refrigerated coolers and display cases. That’s why employing only experienced, transparent, and accountable freight unloading services remains the best option to achieve success. Professional freight handling is a business of logistics. It is not solely about being a key element in the process of goods delivery. Instead, successful freight unloading services ensure that the critical element in the transport and delivery of perishable goods is in sync with the prior and next steps. Cold temperatures alone do not ensure that goods will not be unloaded expediently and remain undamaged and within mandated temperature parameters.

While the primary responsibility of shipping produce and other perishables begins at the loading dock, its successful transfer is entirely dependent on the professionalism of the lumper service. Using a professional unloading company greatly reduces the risk of product damage or spoilage. Safe transit of temperature sensitive goods is also due to how it was loaded and stacked. The success of this step will become immediately apparent during unloading. Freight unloading services can immediately take stock of any shifted goods, damages, and asset losses. Reports can be created onsite in real time and shared with owners to file with insurance claims. Lumper teams can also perform damage control by quickly dispatching remaining inventory to temperature controlled storage.

It is a mistake to think that due to colder outside temperatures, it will be cost-effective to bypass hiring freight unloading services to perform this integral step. Instead, by turning over the responsibility for unloading cargo to warehouse or retail staff, or day-laborers it will likely have the opposite effect and increase damages, spoilage, along with a poor or an absent record of asset loss. Professional freight unloading companies have proven that for responsible supply chain management of sensitive goods, that reputable lumpers can reduce the risk of loss and other product issues no matter what the season or the goods.

If your business is in need of freight unloading services during the winter, contact Express Freight Handlers today.