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Tips on Finding the Right Warehouse Lumper Professionals

By September 21st, 2022No Comments
Warehouse Lumper

A critical step in the logistics process is when trailers and containers arrive at a warehouse. Drivers, for example, will have limited time for their shipments to be unloaded. However, time is not the only consideration. Safety must be first and foremost. That is why it is essential that supply chain management team up with professional warehouse lumpers to ensure that the important task of unloading freight is carried out quickly and efficiently. At Express Freight Handlers we’ve built our nationwide reputation on being reliable, dependable, and professional. Here are our tips to consider when looking for the right warehouse lumper company:

  • How long have you been in business?  Express Freight’s teams have decades of experience in loading and unloading many different types of freight.
  • What kind of freight do you specialize in handling? Express Freight primarily works with foods and grocery distribution and warehousing. Working with perishable goods requires a level of expertise not common among warehouse lumper services.
  • What is the value in hiring warehouse lumpers? Hiring professional lumper services, such as Express Freight, saves retailers, wholesalers, and distributors millions of dollars every year. By hiring third party staffers only as needed, there are considerable overhead cost savings (no payroll taxes or worker’s comp insurance expenses). Additionally, professional lumpers are trained to work quickly, efficiently, and safely job after job.

More About Express Freight Handling:

  • Our scope is vast: we operate in over 38 states nationwide.
  • Our teams unload over a million trailers and containers annually.
  • Our staff is OSHA trained and certified.
  • We are fully accountable and upon request will produce activity reports customized to your requirements.
  • In the event damages or losses sustained in transit are discovered, our documentation will be instrumental in submitting an insurance claim.

Express Freight has proven client after client and job after job that we are reliable, dependable, and highly professional. The best way to hold the line on your operational costs without sacrificing safety and time, is to speak with our team about your warehouse lumper requirements today. Contact us today and submit our form.