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Top Considerations When Choosing Freight Unloading Services

Considerations When Choosing Freight Unloading Services

Choosing the right freight unloading services can make or break the way your supply chain is managed and executed. Consider these 5 factors to ensure everything runs smoothly for your business.

Clearly Delegate Freight-Related Duties

There’s a common misconception that truck drivers also move boxes and operate pallet jacks. This isn’t true and warehouse managers prefer not to use their own staff because they are often busy performing their own tasks. This confusion often leads to a lot of finger-pointing. Your best bet is to hire freight handlers or use a lumper service for hands-on tasks.

Simplify Your Inbound Flow

As it pertains to freight unloading services, less is always more. With so many moving parts, we’ve found that simplifying the inbound flow results in more effective communication between truck drivers, warehouse managers, and everyone in between.

Determine The Role of Your Unloading Service Provider(s)

With today’s technology, there have never been more possibilities. By utilizing a quality third-party provider, you can better manage and optimize everything from tracking, to dock management and reporting.

Establish Proper Labor Agreements

It’s not uncommon for there to be back and forth between drivers and warehouse staff, especially during the unloading process. For instance, some warehouses only allow unionized drivers, while some drivers refuse (or are unable) to unload their freight. Everyone wants a quick unload, so it’s best to establish an agreement, or just hire third-party freight unloading services to avoid the headache.

Unique Problems Call For Customized Solutions

A customized solution calls for many moving parts. For example, insuring and protecting workers and establishing a clear plan between the distribution center and carriers. Efficiency is always the goal and the best freight unloading services can accomplish all of this in a single package deal, saving time and reducing HR overhead in the process.

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