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Top Reasons to Use a Professional Lumper Service Company

By December 28th, 2023No Comments
lumper service companies

With the ever-increasing demands on national and global supply chains, comes the realization by logistics overseers that not every task can be performed by existing employees. This is certainly true for the sometimes underrated task of providing warehouse lumping services. To save money, many logistics and warehouse managers have opted to divert a squad of their existing staffers to perform what is mistakenly believed to be a simple task that can be performed by anyone with a minimum skillset. What these managers have learned the hard way is that in the long run, neither money nor time (which in our field equals productivity therefore money) has been saved. In addition, there may be asset losses to contend with due to unskilled workers attempting to pick up the pace to stay on schedule. These are but a few reasons to contact Express Freight Handlers, a leader among lumper service companies, to discuss how our teams can play an important role in improving your warehouse overhead costs.

Lumper service companies, as third party vendors, provide the team to professionally load, unload, move, and stack containers and trailer contents within a warehouse. Here is a run down of what we do best:

  1. Maintain Warehouse Productivity: Lumper service companies deploy teams that play an important role in your supply chain operations. We perform the task that ensures your carrier’s goods move smoothly from the shipper to the retailers to consumers. Express Freight’s teams are OSHA-trained and certified in the latest safety techniques. We perform our assigned tasks so that your daily workers can continue to perform theirs. This reduces your warehouse staff’s labor hours, eliminates overtime, maintains productivity, and helps warehouse managers hold the line on your overhead costs.
  2. Eliminate Accessorial Fees: Carriers and their drivers can incur fees for late arrivals and departures. When a driver is expected to end their run by unloading their cargo, this is a likely scenario for failure. The best way to ensure a fast and safe unload is to partner with Express Freight Handlers. We’ll send a supervised and seasoned team to make certain that your freight is unloaded swiftly, safely, and carefully, so your driver can get back on the road and reduce unexpected lateness fees.
  3. Lumper Service Companies Put Safety First: As previously mentioned, every Express Freight team is comprised of OSHA-trained and certified workers. We know that when products are improperly stacked or not handled with care, an accident is likely to occur. For example, our teams know how and where to stack pallets to prevent accidents, extended timelines or delays due to worker injury, and the potential for a liability claim.
  4. Are Your Freight Unloading Operations Compliant? By being aware of and by following mandated handling procedures, Express Freight’s lumpers do their part to keep your warehouse safe for both your employees and truck drivers making deliveries. This is important for many reasons, but chiefly our actions ensure that your business avoids costly insurance claims and or actions by OSHA that likely would contribute to increased overhead costs and extended supply chain timeframes.
  5. Lumper Service Companies Employ Best Practices in Freight Loading and Unloading: Poorly packaged and stacked goods and products, especially perishables, can be damaged in transit due to load shift. Express Freight’s professionals are highly experienced and ensure that cargo is properly stacked, and unloaded systematically to minimize damage and/or asset losses. At the onset of our task, should damages be found, our team can quickly assess and document damages/asset losses for an insurance claim while maintaining your schedule.

Partnering with Express Freight can be a value-add not only for maintaining your supply chain timeline but will also enhance your bottom line. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Contact us today!