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Unloading Freight Safely and Effectively

Unloading Freight Safely

Especially now, when online shopping is experiencing volume like never before, the need for speed has been impressed upon everyone involved in the supply chain. Retailers have partnered with shippers who promise almost immediate delivery, putting an increased responsibility on every link in the supply chain to perform quickly and efficiently. When customers want their purchases “yesterday”, it is important not to forget that reckless activity has no place in the process. Loading dock accidents have steadily increased and are up by 5% over the past five years. This statistic mandates that sound logistic practices be observed and not to sacrifice safety for speed. Unloading freight responsibly is at the vanguard of leading lumper service companies such as Express Freight Handlers. Here are some of our tips to ensure the safe, efficient and swift unloading of cargo, products, and goods:

  • When unloading trailers at a loading dock, using dock levelers to close the gap between the back of the trailer and the loading dock is an imperative. These levelers will keep the trailers stable and at the same continuous height even as its weight fluctuates during the off load. Hydraulic levelers are recommended.
  • Follow Loading Dock Protocols: every warehouse and distribution center posts its rules, most are OSHA regulations or regional compliances. Knowing what is expected and following these rules while unloading freight will decrease chances of an accident.
  • Report Standing Water: Spills from damaged cargos, roof leaks, all can create puddles on warehouse floors. These must be reported immediately to prevent or minimize the possibility of an accident and so that they are cleaned up immediately.
  • Hire a professional lumper services company. It is a fact, professionals get the job done faster, better, and with a minimum of losses. At Express Freight Handlers, our personnel are OSHA-trained and certified. This translates to more efficient unloading of freight with all safety protocols observed. Every team on every job is supervised, which means that any discovered damages are recorded immediately. Customized reports for every client provide details including losses which can be submitted with an insurance claim.

Given the speed at which the world currently does business, a ramped up supply chain model expects nothing less than peak efficiency and safety at all times. When you partner with Express Freight Handlers, you can expect nothing less.

Contact us today to learn why we are the freight unloaders of choice in over 38 states.