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Unloading Services 101: What is Freight Handling?

By February 24th, 2021No Comments
Freight Handling

There appears to be some misconception as to what freight handling is. So, what is freight handling? It consists of the receiving, unloading, tracking, and full scope of logistics from the loading dock of a warehouse to its destination (grocery stores, department stores, etc.) and back again. In addition to simply ‘getting cargo from point a to point b’, freight handling also works to ensure that cargo is handled appropriately and efficiently. Working towards higher degrees of efficiency is especially important when transporting perishable goods such as meat, milk, and produce.

There are different kinds of shipments, all under the main umbrella of freight handling. For example, there are crated, uncrated and mixed shipments, all categorized by the type of shipping containers that can be unloaded at the doc without additional handling. The size and weight of certain goods might call for more unique methods of logistics, such as ground loading (or unloading) for items that are not dock height or stacked shipments, which deal with multiple items that have to be moved. All of these methods are put in place to accommodate the specific needs of all different kinds of stores and entities.

So the next time you think ‘what is freight handling’ – know that it’s a touch more complicated than you’d initially think.