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What Businesses Should Know About Freight Lumper Services

By September 13th, 2023No Comments
Freight Lumper

Business owners are always seeking to keep operating costs down without sacrificing the quality of their enterprise. That’s no mean feat in today’s economy, where the only metric that continues to climb is expenses. The cost of doing business does not mean sacrificing the quality of services or the safety of their staff. Most businesses are dependent on some aspect of the global supply chain. Either they produce raw materials that manufacturers require to make products, or as manufacturers, they make the goods that consumers want. These items must be transported by rail, shipping, and trucking to retailers’ warehouses, then on to consumers. During the recent pandemic, consumers’ need for instant gratification was met by an online mega-retailer whose warehouses now dot the nation, making two- and even one-day deliveries. This action has forced many businesses to ‘up their supply chain game’ and to become more efficient. None of these supply chain improvements would be possible without freight lumper services.

Not that long ago, warehouse and logistics operations managers believed they could cut costs by diverting existing staffers from their office and warehouse positions whenever a trailer or container needed to be loaded or unloaded. Some managers opted to hire day laborers. What most found was that these actions increased their overhead, while it decreased their productivity. There was also a greatly increased risk for injury and liability claims, as well as asset losses when freight was improperly loaded by inexperienced workers. While in transit, a load shift can occur. When this happens, improperly packed and loaded freight can be damaged or destroyed. This is not the case when businesses partner with a dependable freight lumper service, Express Freight Handlers.

Worker safety is top-of-mind for our freight lumper teams, who are OSHA-trained and certified in safety procedures. This translates to a greatly decreased likelihood of injury to themselves or to others. Highly experienced, our teams are deployed as needed along with a supervisor who creates a report upon request for every job and will document any damages that occurred en route to the warehouse. There are additional cost savings to consider:

  • Third-party vendors, such as Express Freight, carry our own liability insurance.
  • Our services may provide a tax deduction for our business customers (check with your Accounting Department or CPA).
  • Experienced in serving a wide range of businesses in over 38 states, Express Freight Handlers’ teams provide freight lumper services by loading and or unloading over a million containers and trailers every year.
  • For every business, time is money. Untrained workers take longer to perform freight lumper duties, and their inexperience can lead to a greatly expanded timeline. Overhead is not the only metric that can be impacted. Transportation carriers can be fined detention fees for late arrivals and departures. This can be completely avoided by partnering with professional freight lumpers from Express Freight Handlers.

We invite you to contact our team to discuss your needs. Establishing a partnership with Express Freight Handlers will improve efficiency and help your business to gain better control over operations costs. Learn more by speaking with our team today!