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What is a Freight Lumper?

freight lumper

For operations managers, transportation carriers and anyone else tasked with manufacturing or receiving goods via their supply chains, the services of freight lumpers can facilitate the unloading process. Additionally, lumpers, or freight unloaders, ensure that timelines and schedules are adhered to, and can serve in a number of related capacities on the fly as well. At Express Freight, we know the value of our freight unloading services to our clients goes way beyond simply moving products and goods from containers and trailers. Our services can make a major contribution to controlling asset losses, avoiding extended timelines, reducing lost productivity, and preventing higher operations costs.

It is important to understand that freight lumpers provide on-demand third-party loading and unloading service support. This means operations cost savings as these workers are available only as needed and for as long as needed. Therefore, expenses and overhead associated with 40-hour work weeks and benefits are eliminated. In many instances, these services can be a tax-write off as well. Typically, lumper services are contacted by shippers and receivers as a support team to expedite loading/unloading processes. Unlike unskilled manual labor, Express Freight’s teams are highly experienced, not only in lumper services, but are also OSHA-trained and certified in job safety procedures. Additionally, our assigned teams are supervised and every detail of every job is noted. Upon request, customized reports will be made available.

In fact, freight lumper services can make a major positive impact on transportation carriers, shippers and consignees – in short, any link in the supply chain. Flexible, skilled workers, lumpers integrate easily into any type of supply chain. However, we are contracted most frequently by high-volume shippers, who otherwise would have to hire additional support staff as needed to load or unload inbound freight from trailers and containers. For example, working with perishables is our specialty. Tasking inexperienced workers with swiftly removing and storing pallets of fresh groceries and produce will likely cause losses and damaged goods. Another benefit to transportation carriers: by hiring freight lumpers to perform unloading, their driver can rest after delivering the goods to the loading dock.