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What is a Lumper in Logistics?

By September 26th, 2022No Comments
What is a Lumper in Logistics?

Before we answer that compelling question, let’s define ‘logistics’ as it relates to the supply chain. Logistics refers to the aspect of any supply chain that warehouses or delivers products and/or services to its customers. Customers can be manufacturers, who are receiving raw materials, the distributor, retailers, and finally, the consumer. It’s the goal of logistics to ensure that these products and services reach their respective customer both on time and as equitably as possible- i.e. lost time = higher costs. The unloading of these goods and services can frequently be a sticking point. It is here, during this important phase where goods are received and stored, that time can be lost due to damages, shifted freight that must be repackaged, and unfamiliarity with relaying products to warehouse personnel. To expedite this all-important step, many operations managers turn to professional lumper services.

Receivers often outsource lumper services to vendors who are completely independent of their core businesses. Hiring lumpers is widely viewed by freight agents and logistics managers as a cost and time-saving measure for drivers. Also known as freight unloaders, lumpers unload trucks and containers which is especially important for goods that have been trucked to the loading dock, as it allows the driver to rest and prepare for the next load to be hauled. The term ‘lumping’ also refers to the fee or service charge to your shipper, primarily by the larger grocery chains that prefer to have their perishables unloaded quickly and expeditiously by professional third-party freight unloaders. These professionals are experienced, as well as OSHA-trained and certified to perform this difficult task with efficiency and a high degree of safety to themselves and others.

Another major reason that lumper services are used in supply chain logistics, especially for perishables, is that their services save grocery chains millions of dollars annually in staff and labor costs. Think of it: not having to cross-train existing personnel and divert them at will to perform difficult and potentially dangerous tasks saves on benefits, and workers’ comp expenses. Instead, hiring professional freight unloaders as needed by the individual job is far more cost-effective. Logistically, having to only pay for services when they are needed creates major cost savings without safety risks or extended timelines. It is a win-win scenario for all parties. That is the major reason retailers hire lumper services to unload freight on their loading docks. As leading freight unloading professionals, Express Freight Handlers deploys our supervised teams as needed to jobs in over 38 states. We successfully unload over a million trailers and containers each and every year.

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