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What is the Process of Devanning?

By December 28th, 2023No Comments

There are so many different components in every supply chain that logistics overseers may not fully realize the minute details involved in each process. For example, the simple explanation of devanning, is, of course, the process of removing goods from a sealed container directly into a warehouse facility. What may or may not be understood is that devanning is one of the most demanding links in any supply chain. If the process is not performed correctly, there is risk involved, both personal and to the cargo. It is also at this juncture that any damage or losses that have occurred while in transit are discovered. These must be separated, and documented, all while keeping on schedule. That is why it is essential that all parties responsible for maintaining supply chain schedules partner with a reliable third-party vendor to perform this specific task. Express Freight Handlers, a leading freight loading and unloading firm with clients in 38 states, offers the following insight into the devanning process and why it must be performed only by professionals.

For international shipments as well as for those that cross state lines and may have originated outside the United States, devanning is a critical step. In addition to being the most secure way to unload goods from a cargo container, this work may also be carried out under close scrutiny by inspectors. Devanning activities must be performed in full compliance with national and local safety standards as quality control measures. Every team deployed by Express Freight is not only comprised of seasoned professionals used to the work and to working with each other, but our teams are also OSHA-trained and certified. Not only does this factor well to prevent work-related accidents and injury to teammates, but also to warehouse personnel.

Again, devanning while being observed by inspectors means that should any damages be found, these can be quickly documented and recorded for insurance claims purposes, and the task of devanning continues. All related documentation must correspond to quality control requirements that include quantity limits, and weight specifications, among others. Only professional loading and unloading teams can perform devanning both swiftly and safely, thereby ensuring that compliance and the supply chain timelines are observed.

Logistics and warehouse managers who have tried to hold the line by cutting costs at this crucial step have learned one thing the hard way: diverting existing employees to perform devanning or hiring unskilled labor for the day may seem a less expensive approach, but the opposite proves true. Here’s what can happen:

  • Unskilled labor and diverted staff work slowly, thereby extending the supply chain timeline.
  • There is a far greater incidence of injury to themselves and to other workers, which can lead to liability claims as well as lost productivity.
  • Diverted workers are not performing their routine tasks, leading to productivity losses.
  • Extended supply chain timelines, on-the-job injuries, and decreased productivity contribute to higher, not lower, overhead and operations costs.
  • Hiring a professional third-party vendor costs less than diverting existing staff or hiring hourly workers.

The solution is simple: schedule a consultation with Express Freight Handlers regarding our efficient approach to devanning. We load and unload over a million trailers and containers annually and invite you to contact us to learn more. Call today!