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What is Unloading in a Warehouse?

By September 21st, 2022No Comments
Warehouse Lumper

A critical component in what the general public knows as the ‘supply chain’, is referred to in the industry as ‘dock to stock.’ Arguably one of the most important steps in the process is receiving – when goods and products arrive at a loading dock, are removed from the trailer or container, then assessed. At this stage, any errors in assessing the quantity of goods, and/or if the products are, in fact, what was ordered, can make or undermine the success of that supply chain. An error at this point can negatively impact consumers waiting for specific products and goods. It can also impact revenue if customers decide to shop elsewhere. However, these impacts can be reduced or avoided. This is where having the services of professional warehouse lumpers will make a cost- and time-effective difference.

In recent years an average of 11.23 billion tons of freight has been transported by trucks or about 72.5%. Rail comprises the remainder. Full and partially full containers, and truckloads or less than truckloads, all of these goods pass through the hands of unloaders and receivers. Therefore, all downstream processing is dependent on accurate and efficient unloading by seasoned warehouse lumpers and receiving by warehouse personnel. To reiterate what was stated above, receiving quantity, as well as product errors by these staffers will affect inventory counts and shipments which translates into lost business.

It may sound oversimplified, but the unloading process is essentially the movement of the received goods from the trailer or container to the loading dock floor, where it is checked for condition, quantity, and accuracy. The goods, be they electronics or perishables, are generally in containers then stacked on pallets. Of course, how these goods are packaged and shipped determines the receiving procedure that will follow. As a leading freight unloading company, Express Freight Handlers supplies our OSHA-trained and certified warehouse lumpers along with a supervisor. As our teams progress, accurate counts and numerous metrics are recorded on a tablet. As needed a report can be generated which will include any damages or asset losses for insurance purposes. Our goal: swift, efficient, and accurate unloading of your shipments at your warehouse.

Once the goods have been removed from the trailer or container, these floor-loaded products can either be transferred to pallets for warehouse storage, or fluid unloaded directly onto conveyors and transferred to storage, or outbound as needed. Here again, Express Freight’s teams can move seamlessly from unloading to receiving. This flexibility ensures that tight schedules can be met and overhead costs contained. The value of our services is that we may be hired by the job thereby reducing overhead.

For reliable, dependable, and highly accurate freight unloading services by our warehouse lumpers, make it a point to contact our team today.