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Why Are There Lumpers?

Lumper Services Near Me

Every industry has its share of words that only have meaning to insiders. ‘Lumpers’ is one of them. One outsider interpretation might suggest persons who throw items into a pile, presumably without thought or consideration. As with most buzzwords, there is a kernel of truth to this idea in that in lumping, items are moved from one place to another. That is where the interpretation starts to go off the rails. Lumpers provide an extremely valuable service in the supply chain. Ask any operations manager! Essentially, these are experienced, trained, and certified individuals who unload trailers and containers, generally at loading docks and warehouses, are hired by the job, perform said job capably, then leave. They may be recalled by the task to perform the same task as required. How does one find professional freight unloaders? One way is to Google, “lumper service near me”. The better way is to put Express Freight in your cell phone contacts list.

To answer the question, ‘Why are there lumpers?’ is to understand the demands of every supply chain from raw materials to the finished products destined for retail outlets and finally, into the hands of consumers. The supply chain timeline is a tight one as materials and supplies are required by manufacturers with contracts that stipulate when the finished goods are to be sent. The ships, rails, and trucking firms must receive and deliver everything from perishables to technology equipment precisely when scheduled. Delays, damages, and asset losses are all issues that can extend timelines, which eats away at profits. Professional lumpers can help trucking companies and operations overseers avoid those pitfalls. At Express Freight, our teams are seasoned, OSHA-certified, and ready to go on-demand. We are the “lumper service near me” hundreds of our clients coast-to-coast depend on to skillfully and professionally unload goods as they arrive, assess and document any damages, all without extending timelines and increasing operations expenditures.

We know our way around palletized goods, are proficient with technology to document each job for reporting and insurance purposes, are experienced using forklifts and other warehouse equipment, and are trained in safety skills to prevent accidents. Partnering with a dependable vendor like Express Freight means your staff will not be tasked with a job that is not suitable for unskilled labor, nor will productivity suffer. Additional pluses: costs such as benefits are avoided and, best of all, job after job is completed with efficiency and minimal issues. Now you know why for our clients, the first time they searched online for “lumper service near me” and chose Express Freight Handlers, was the last time they needed to troll the internet for reliable professional freight unloaders.

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