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Why Do Companies Use Lumpers?

By December 28th, 2023No Comments
lumping company

The fast answer to the title question is “to save time and money”, which is especially true in the logistics industry, where time actually is money. Almost weekly, there are headlines stating that yet another household name retailer has declared bankruptcy because of their business model, which included lengthy fulfillment timelines. This was acceptable at one time, but consumers’ expectations have changed. The supply chain is now required to respond to this new era of almost instant gratification. As logistics managers and retailers scramble to find a workable solution, the answer, to our team, is obvious — hire a dependable lumping company to ensure that your freight is unloaded as quickly and safely as possible. Express Freight Handlers, as a leader in our field, offers the following advice for logistics and retail decision-makers who are fence-sitting on updating their supply chain options.

In essence, over the past four years, consumers have become used to the option of much shorter fulfillment times. We all know the name of the industry leader whose warehouses are sprouting up nationwide to ensure that what you order online today can be waiting by your front door when you get home tomorrow. This is true for perishable goods as well. Many chain groceries now offer online ordering, followed by the promise of swift fulfillment. The best and probably only way to make this happen consistently is to hire a professional lumping company to assist with the loading/unloading of freight from trucks and/or trailers at their loading docks.

Gone are the days when transportation carriers can expect their drivers to unload their trailers after a long haul. Ideally, the driver should be allowed time to rest before they begin their return trip. Hiring a lumping company such as Express Freight avoids two things: the possibility that the driver could injure themselves or damage the freight due to fatigue and inexperience with handling goods properly. The cost of hiring lumpers minimizes risk to drivers as well as reduces the workman compensation costs for carriers. In addition, Express Freight’s professional teams are experienced and work quickly to handle nearly every type of cargo. Experience = faster and safer unloads every time!

The benefits to hiring a lumping company are many, greater when you partner with the right one, Express Freight Handlers. We work in over 38 states and unload over a million trailers and containers annually. Using Express Freight’s lumper services will reduce shippers’, carriers, and receivers’ tax liabilities as we are independent contractors who are responsible for filing our tax returns. We carry our own insurance, and since our teams are OSHA-trained and certified, therefore far less likely to sustain injuries while working on your premises. We also carry our own liability insurance, so the “onus is on us”, not your company. Our teams are available for deployment as soon as you contact us, which is ideal for assisting warehouse managers during peak periods so they do not have to recruit their workers to neglect their daily tasks to perform unloading duties. There are many more benefits to working with Express Freight Handlers as your lumping company. We invite you to contact our team with your questions. Call today!