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Why Overseas Container Unloading Doesn’t Stop During the Winter

Overseas Container Unloading

Even in the best of economic times, overseas container unloading cannot stop during the winter. It is understood that for U.S. manufacturers, many parts for vehicles, machines, and technology are produced abroad. To keep our economy going, ramping up to pre-pandemic levels is imperative. That can only be accomplished if our manufacturing output continues. How to make that happen? Ensure that overseas cargo containers are unloaded swiftly and safely as soon as these arrive at our shores.

Overseas container unloading has never been an easy task. Now, with the pandemic, the average transit time for a container-laden ship from Asia has increased from 40 days to over 70. That lengthy voyage only increases the need for containers to be unloaded as promptly as possible. There is another consideration to factor in at this point: a major shortage of qualified labor to unload the containers at dockside, and then haul the contents to the next stop in the supply chain.

Just as no one anticipated the pandemic, its impact on the global supply chain is straining the efficacy of the process. Headlines around the world tell consumers to get used to the idea that many wanted items, from vehicles to replacement parts for just about anything, are, and will continue to be in short supply. Some proposed solutions have logistics managers switching up how their goods are moved from point A to B to consumers. This means that railways, the demand for trucking, and of course, for qualified personnel to unload goods quickly and efficiently is at a premium.

While logistics management works to improve the time to market for manufactured goods from all over the globe, the greatest need in the overseas container unloading process is to move goods quickly and to avoid asset loss.  At Express Freight Handlers, we understand the need for professional freight unloading services. That’s why our teams are supervised on every job. We work quickly and in the event that any damages are uncovered, these are immediately recorded and reported to assist with insurance claims.

Long before the current supply chain crisis, Express Freight Handlers has specialized in providing careful, expedient, and highly-professional freight unloading services. Our teams are OSHA-trained to consistently and expertly load and unload your freight to minimize damage while maintaining even the tightest schedules. We serve clients in 38 states who depend on our fast and efficient lumper services to help maintain their supply side reliability. Our team unloads over a million containers and trailers every year.

Now that we’ve got your attention, we know you’ll want to speak with our team at Express Freight as quickly as possible. Don’t delay! Fill out our contact form today.