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Why Use a Professional Lumping Company?

Professional Lumping Company

Many businesses, particularly in the food and grocery industries, have come to rely on the services of lumping companies.  These companies have emerged as an integral facet of effective and efficient transport of goods.  They help mitigate risk, strengthen the supply chain through higher accountability, speed the scheduling and delivery process, and can be seamless partners in this essential stage in getting goods to market.

A lumper company basically provides OSHA trained manpower to load and unload products.  These trained loaders/unloaders provide guaranteed service thereby reducing the risk at both the beginning and endpoint of product delivery.  Utilizing lumper services shifts the risk at these important transition points of product transport.

Accountability is a critical element of the supply chain.  Properly insured lumping service companies add an additional layer of protection for product transport.  Meeting client requirements of speed and service levels are paramount to an effective transfer of goods.

Often, delivery schedules can fluctuate, and having a reliable lumper company can help to have proper manpower when it is needed most.  Particularly in the food/grocery industry, time is of the essence to ensure the safe and timely transport of products.  A lumper company partner will provide critical assistance at a key stage of distribution.

As in any business relationship, having a great lumper company as a partner can iron out the delivery process.  Building strong relationships at these pivotal points in product loading and unloading can greatly reduce “heartburn” for supply chain managers.  A seamless transport is important to control costs and efficiency and a reputable lumper company can prove to be a powerful asset in achieving product delivery goals.

At the end of the day, a lumping company can provide huge benefits to any food /grocery operation to mitigate risk, add a level of security in the scheduling process and reduce costs in the transport of products from point A to point B.  Lumper service companies have rightfully become crucial partners in overall supply chain management.