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What Does Devanning a Container Mean?

Devanning a Container

In the logistics industry, there are many terms to describe a given task. Removing products and goods from a container may be referred to using the terms freight unloading, unstuffing, stripping, or devanning, especially for full container load (FCL) shipments as they arrive at their destination generally a warehouse or temporary storage facility. The devanning process involves opening a sealed container, a task typically handled by logistics and/or warehouse managers, and then the actual removal of the goods is performed by lumpers or freight handlers. These professionals know exactly how to appropriately handle a broad range of packaged and stacked products to ensure their safe removal from the container. These goods are typically placed on pallets to be inventoried by warehouse staff prior to being stored.

Full containers are handled by lumpers at warehouses, and the size of the cargo is associated with the term devanning. Less-than-full container shipments are usually handled at terminal locations, typically freight storage facilities. Whichever size container loads, be aware that removing the cargo is not suitable work for amateurs, as it generally results in injuries, damaged goods, and a much longer time spent performing the task. Logistics is an industry where time is truly money. Do not increase your overhead costs by hiring unskilled labor or diverting staffers from their assigned responsibilities. Instead, partner with Express Freight Handlers to our mutual benefit. More on that later.

To reiterate, “What does devanning a container mean?” In truth, it means to a layperson the process of having a lumper, or freight unloader(s), skillfully and quickly perform the task of removing cargo from a container. To logistics industry professionals, it is time to call Express Freight Handlers to schedule having a seasoned team of our lumpers and their supervisor dispatched to the warehouse or loading dock to perform this job. Additionally, they will record any damages for insurance purposes and create a customized report for warehouse overseers, all while keeping to the scheduled supply chain timeline.

For this level of precision, skill, and dedication to the appointed task, do not waste time and resources. Instead, contact the best source for reliable and dependable devanning whenever your company requires it. Call Express Freight Handlers. Learn more about how a partnership with our firm can help you lower your overhead costs and improve your bottom line. Call today!