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Top 5 Tips for Unloading International Containers

Unloading International Containers

Unloading international containers is the last, and most critical step in the distribution process. These containerized goods will have made a long journey from manufacturer to warehouse. That voyage likely included the container being hoisted and craned several times. It was initially packed and transported to a dock, then stacked on the deck of a vessel. Upon arrival in the U.S., it was again craned and stacked to await customs inspections before making its way via truck or railways to the distro center.

Here the goods must be unpacked, but it is not a simple matter of moving a crate from point A to pallet B. It is at this point that damages, if any, are found and notated, yet the unloading process must be completed within a tight timeframe. As a leader in the lumper services industry, Express Freight has encountered and remediated every hiccup that can occur within the supply chain process. We offer these tips to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises and that your procurement logistics model is executed perfectly.

TIP 1:

Did you know? The largest cargo ships can accommodate up to 18,000 containers. While volume shipping decreases costs, the freighter’s size may greatly increase the margin for error and potential cargo damage. Offloading inbound, intermodal, cargo, freight, or trailers or shipping containers may produce some unpleasant surprises such as damaged or perished goods. Our professional supervised team records any losses while ensuring that the task at hand continues without further interruption. We keep and provide accurate records to every client’s specifications and for insurance purposes.

TIP 2:

How long will it take? We are asked this question by every prospective client. The answer is not intended to be vague but: “it depends.” Variables include the size, weight, and amount of freight to be unloaded as well as the size of the trailer or container. How the goods are packaged is another consideration. So how long will it take to unload your products? At Express Freight we know that this question really means, “How fast, and how safely can you unload my goods?” Our long-time clients can tell you, we provide the safest, fastest, highly competent, accurate, and accountable lumper services your business requires. We are regulation compliant and are especially consistent and reliable when unloading international containers. We fully utilize the techniques, processes, and technology to unload your freight the right way every time!

TIP 3:

Professional lumper crews know how to sort, palletize, and if required, shrink wrap goods in uniform and sturdy block patterns. Not only will this configuration facilitate their selection/movement by forklifts, but also reduce the possibility of damage in storage.

TIP 4:

Lumper services are not a job for day or warehouse workers who are not likely to be OSHA-certified like the team at Express Freight. Avoid potential damage to your goods and your workers and hire professionals to perform this critical task.

TIP 5:

The most important tip for unloading international containers is to hire the experts at Express Freight. Whatever you want to call what we do -lumper services, devaning, destuffing, or container unloading and unpacking- know that nobody does it better than us. Express Freight has built our reputation one unload and one client at a time, and nobody’s job is more important to our team than yours. When time, experience, dedication, attention to detail, and the highest standards in customer service matter, you’ll want our team unpacking your goods. Period. To learn more, email us today!