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Efficient Container Stuffing Tips

Efficient Container Stuffing

Throughout the logistics industry, speed and efficiency are paramount, but these requirements should never compromise proper container freight loading. Haste often results in injury and damage to shipments. These can be caused by poor container stuffing practices and lashing of contents, a lack of temperature control for perishable cargo, and improper packaging. Ensuring that every full and partial-load container is loaded safely is a job that the container stuffing teams at Express Freight Handlers perform daily nationwide. We know that our work ensures the safe delivery of shipments by following these tips as best practices:

  1. Consider load planning software: Express Freight Handlers’ teams are overseen by a supervisor who not only observes the work being performed but also utilizes digital tools to ensure the best configurations when loading freight.
  2. Careful measurement: Measure the size of every piece of cargo to doubly ensure its correct placement inside the container. This step helps prevent damage due to a load shift.
  3. Understand weight distribution: Make certain that the weight of the cargo is distributed as evenly as possible. This will make driving the load safer as well as facilitate the unloading process at the shipment’s destination.
  4. Use appropriate tie-down techniques: tie-down compression is another important consideration. Too loose and the cargo will not be secure; too tight and the tie-downs will break and topple cargo inside the container, causing possible asset losses as well as potentially creating a hazardous driving condition.
  5. Outsource the task to professionals: container stuffing is not a job for inexperienced personnel. It requires knowledge, skill, speed, and experience with a wide range of conditions and situations that present themselves when the container is opened. Do not take a chance with your shipments. For optimal outcomes every time, partner with Express Freight Handlers to fulfill your container stuffing requirements.

Before a container can be unloaded, it must be loaded correctly to ensure minimal load shift and potential asset losses in transit. That is why it is so important to have your container stuffing performed by professionals. Express Freight Handlers’ teams loan and unload over a million trailers and containers every year in over 38 states. Best of all, we arrive when you need us, and once our work is performed and inspected to your satisfaction, we depart until you require our services again.

Bring us your questions, and we’ll gladly detail every advantage to having your container stuffing jobs capably and efficiently performed by our freight loading teams time after time. Call today!