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How Unloading Services Can Save Businesses Money

How Unloading Services Can Save Businesses Money

These days, most supply-chain professionals are running a tight, lean operation requiring minimal staff. This can create issues at various times, such as when a large shipment is due. The solution is to hire professional unloading services. There are several strong reasons. As a leading lumper service company, Express Freight Handlers serves distribution networks across the country, providing the professional support that keeps their overhead costs down and their reliability up. Extending existing staffers’ workdays mounts overtime costs, and the staffers are recruited from their primary jobs which do not involve unloading. As a result, unloading times can be greatly increased, which also impacts overhead. Here’s the scenario and the best reasons for hiring professional unloading services:

  • Hiring professionals for one-offs or as needed allows for a scalable workforce – you get reliable help when you need it and only when you need it- reduces overhead and operational costs.
  • Leaving the unloading services tasks to professionals reduces unloading times, therefore saving money and that other precious commodity – time.
  • Damages can be reduced, careful records kept, and reports generated. In the event damaged goods are discovered, documentation can be submitted to insurers.

At Express Freight, we’re incentive-based. For each team on every job, our services are customized to meet client needs in support of their supply chain initiatives. We offer lumper services – loading and unloading, sorting, palletizing, segregating, shrink-wrapping, and warehouse lining. Our supervised teams are OSHA-trained and certified. We arrive on schedule, prepared to get the job done both efficiently and effectively.

How can professional unloading services support your business and its bottom line? Express Freight Handlers’ teams will be there when you need us. We’ve already discussed how to reduce your expenses by reducing overtime hours from untrained staff. You’ll not have to ask full-time employees to extend their workday to unload trailers or containers. Our experienced teams know the ropes – this is by far not their first rodeo, therefore it will take less time than your staffers to perform the task. Moreover, unloading will be handled methodically, by first assessing if there is any damage, note is taken of how the cargo is stacked, the amount, and the best and most expeditious course of action taken.

Our professional unloading services include a supervisor who records requested data, and if required, will submit a full report upon completion of the task. The team’s actions are fully accountable and will assist you to support your day-to-day operations by filling in as needed, if a large shipment will leave your team shorthanded.

We are justly proud of the work we perform and, every year, provide our unloading services in our 38 states to unload over a million containers and trailers.  That’s quite an impressive track record and a major reason why our professionals can save your business money.  To learn more about our unloading services, contact us today!