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Why Use Lumper Services for Shifted Freight That Requires Restacking?

Restacking Shifted Freight

It happens all the time. Containers and trailers arrive at the distro center, they are quickly opened only to find that the load has shifted in transit, the plastic wrap has stretched, so that the pallets need to be restacked prior to their removal. Or, the load has been packed on big pallets that need to be broken down into smaller pallets in order to be warehoused. Who should perform these tasks? Lumper services or warehouse staff? Let’s explore the following scenarios to see which is the safest, most timely, and cost-effective route to take next.

It is known that most operational expenses associated with warehousing are fixed. However, ever on the lookout for cost-containment opportunities, many retailers, especially grocery chains and big-box stores, might look to container and trailer loading and unloading as a task they can economize upon. Management might think it is a good idea to have their existing staffers unload and repalletize their goods. They may opt to use their seasoned warehouse workers or recruit members of their retail staff. Here’s what’s wrong with that option:

Issue: freight that is not carefully stacked initially will likely shift in transit, resulting in damaged goods and the need for the pallet to be restacked. Or, as stated above, a large pallet needs to be broken down to be warehoused or distributed. Using up to three existing staffers, either from the warehouse or retail floor, to unload and restack pallets would extend the timeline for unloading and restacking due to their inexperience. At the average hourly rate per staffer, even the more economical retail workers would exceed the cost to hire a third-party vendor. In short, it would not be cost-effective as professional lumper services, which perform the task and related duties for a flat rate.

Unlike staffers, lumper services companies, such as Express Freight Handlers, unload and restack freight 75% faster on average than staffers. OSHA-trained, they work efficiently and effectively which reduces both the risk for damaged goods and personal injury. As independent contractors, we are responsible for our personnel, as well as for the work they perform. Every job is supervised, any damages noted and promptly reported. Palletized goods are broken down and restacked just the way our clients want them, and capably placed exactly where our clients want them to be for easy retrieval.

For cargo and products that are non-unitized, such as perishable goods, it is important to rely on professional lumper services to dependably break down and restack pallets. We are not only faster, safer, and more efficient, but cost-effective as well. To learn more about how our professional teams can support your bottom line, contact us today.