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Lumper Trucking Ensures Essential Grocery Item and Food Freshness

Lumper Trucking

After last year’s across the board shortages that left grocery shelves as well as meat and produce bins empty and consumers frustrated, it is gratifying to see supermarkets well-stocked again. Towards this end, lumper trucking services say, “You’re welcome!” In the wholesale food industry in particular, getting perishables unloaded expeditiously can be an issue. If this critical step is not carried out quickly and efficiently, the entire supply chain can break down, creating a costly yet completely avoidable situation.

Industry insiders know that lumper trucking is not just “muscle and hustle”, that is, two or more individuals who unload a truck or container manually. At Express Freight, serving the food industry is the mainstay of our business. Our teams are both OSHA-trained and highly experienced to offer synchronicity and top efficiency, assignment after assignment. Also, our staff has been trained to operate heavy equipment, an essential part of most lumper services tasks, both capably and safely. Each and every job includes on-site supervision, too. This way, should the unexpected arise, the issue can be dealt with immediately, and resolved with minimal impact to goods and timelines.

In addition, Express Freight Handlers’ teams are fully accountable. We provide customized activities reports that cover each client’s requirements.

That is why our clients in over 38 states trust us. We carefully and consistently provide the best lumper trucking services available. Express Freight Handlers has built a reputation for reliability one load at a time, to over a million trucks and containers each and every year. When time, speed, and freshness matter, contact Express Freight Handlers to learn more about what our team can do to increase the efficiency of your supply chain operations. Email us – we’re here for you.